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Creating one new habit at a time


In a nutshell, personal nutrition coaching is about figuring out what actions will help you reach your specific goals as quickly as possible.

We begin with a holistic assessment of your current situation. This means that, in addition to foods and beverages, we look at your sleep patterns, stress level, environment and thought patterns. Next, we identify where you want to be. We look at your outcome goals and turn them into behavior goals.

For example, the road to a 20-lb weight loss, may begin with creating new habits such as drinking sufficient water, getting adequate sleep and eating more whole foods.

So, if you think nutrition coaching is simply me telling you what to eat, think again. We work as a team from day one. You know you best. My role is to increase your awareness and guide you towards experimenting with new behaviors. Do I provide meals plans? Absolutely, if you want them. The meal plans I provide are tailored to your goals, time constraints, taste and diet preferences. The delicious, simple and nutrient-dense recipes I personally select for you, will facilitate home-cooking and inspire you to embrace a whole-foods lifestyle. Curious? Take a look at the “Recipe Therapy” section on my page.

I've been working with Coach Natalina on learning how to fuel my body with more balanced, whole food meals.

- Christina D.

“Coach Natalina is the best in the game. She is professional and fun to be around! You can sense her genuine love of helping people get healthy!”

– Angel H.

“Coach Natalina was a crucial part of my transformation. She is magical and exudes positivity in everything she does!”

– Lauren H.
My goal is to get to know and understand you.

I want to share my knowledge with you so that you will feel empowered to make decisions that feel right for you. Your happiness is my happiness.



“Lose 20 lbs in 10 weeks” is a Weight Loss 101 program ideal for individuals who want to learn about nutrition and acquire practical tools to help manage their overall health. Unlike restrictive diets which often call for a lifestyle overhaul on day one, the 20/10 program follows progression models which fosters manageable eating and lifestyle habits.

Each session focuses on a specific topic (e.g. food categories, eating behaviors, lifestyle skills) followed by an insightful question and answer period. Participants leave each session with one simple action to focus on until the following week’s session. AGAIN, THIS IS NOT A DIET. You will NOT be assigned a standard meal plan and instructed to follow it in order to lose weight.  Instead, you will be given tools that you can use every day for the rest of your life. These tools will enable you to make decisions that will facilitate reaching your health goals. Coach Natalina guides participates through shifts in mindset which enable the physical transformations they are desire.

The “Lose 20 lbs in 10 weeks” program is offered two times per year. It is offered in person in Austin, Texas. A virtual version is in progress.

“I am now more aware of my habits and more accountable to myself.”

– Aaron C.

“Coach Natalina’s program made me feel more human than the strict diets I tried in the past. I now realize that I won’t lose weight by simply following a meal plan for a set period of time and then going back to my old habits. Permanent change is gradual, and Coach Natalina’s compassion helped me stick with it because consistency is needed to see progress.”

– Andrea D.

“Since it’s not a diet, I feel I can maintain the actions I learned until I reach my goal weight. Focusing on small changes each week helped me stay focused.”

– Richard D.

“I felt that Coach Natalina truly wanted to help us all succeed. She wasn’t selling a gimmick or product. She also emulates what she teaches which is really important!”

– Lisa C.

“I enjoyed doing things that I would never have thought to do on my own. I absolutely recommend this program and would do it all over again myself!”

– Adriana Z.
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Live your healthiest life!






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