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Lexie A.

“Best nutritionist I have worked with. This is the first time I have felt good in a long time! Thank you Coach Natalina for listening to my concerns and helping me find a way to being more healthy and all around feeling GREAT!”

Brenda L.

“Coach Natalina has been the most effective coach I’ve ever had! She led me to making major changes without ever telling me what to do. Rather, she invited me into a conversation about my habits and my lifestyle. We explored the consequences of those habits. It was never a right or wrong, but rather the feelings, the energy level, my mood, my focus, etc. I signed up for coaching to lose weight, but Coach Natalina helped me to realize the scale should only be 1 measurement to consider. Within 1 week I was drinking a minimum of 64 oz. of water, I was sleeping 7 hours, I felt better, my mood was better, and was more efficient with my work. I gained so much more than weight loss by working with Coach Natalina. I had major lifestyle changes as well as gaining a new friend! I can’t recommend her enough!!”

Jesus G.

“Coach Natalina has been a ray of light in my life! She approaches food in such a motivating way that it teaches you to care more about what you consume. When it comes to meal plans, the variety she presents is great. Coach Natalina cares about your lifestyle as a whole which makes you feel like you have someone constantly cheering you on. I really appreciate everything she does for me and continues to be a positive influence in my life. Thanks Coach Natalina!”

Lindsey B.

“Working with coach Natalina was beyond amazing. She helped me transform old thought patterns around food and guided me through a new mindset about my relationship with food. Throughout our entire journey, she not only encouraged healthy food thoughts and habits, but healthy lifestyle, self love, and inner voice habits as well. So wonderful! When it comes down to it, she’s an overall gem of a person and I am so lucky to have her in my life!”

Alex W.

“Coach Natalina is truly amazing! She helped me understand the importance of mindful eating and introduced new healthy recipes to my diet. As a former college athlete, I ate to fuel myself for the next big game. Now, with Coach Natalina’s help, I know that eating well is part of my healthy lifestyle.”

Jill Ann G.

“I considered myself a healthy person before I started working with Coach Natalina but found I could do much better! My goal was to lose body fat and gain muscle. With Coach Natalina’s help I learned the importance of prioritizing sleep and hydration – the foundation of good health.  Coach Natalina also encouraged me to give up processed for real food. I didn’t think I liked vegetables but, with Coach Natalina’s help, I found ways to enjoy them. I now have vegetables every night with dinner! I also swapped my morning protein bar for overnight oats or yogurt with protein powder and fruit. I am loving my new way of eating. Thanks Coach Natalina!”

Kelly B.

“In such a short time my sessions with Natalina have had such a positive impact on my wellbeing.  Natalina took the time to get to know me, my schedule and help pinpoint some of the key stressors in my day to day.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to better manage my stress by changing some simple things in my routine. Rather than send me a bland meal plan, that is hard to maintain long term as I’ve experienced with other trainers/nutritionists, Coach Natalina is teaching me about macros and how to find the right balance to reach my goals.  Her meal recommendations are easy to prepare, delicious and healthy.  I’ve been excited to try the new things she’s suggested, like cauliflower in my morning smoothie!  I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Natalina!”

Joanette A.

“Working with Natalina was truly a God send experience for me. She helped me on so many levels. First of all, she helped me take notice of my negative self talk. She helped me create meal plans, taught me how to meal prep and showed me how to count macros. I was able to lose 20lbs!
Before our last session, she recommended I take up weight training, and it’s currently the best thing I practice that helps me both mentally and physically.
My favorite mantra is  “progress over perfection”. You may not get it every time, but you must keep moving forward. You don’t throw in the towel if you have an off day, week or month. Progress over time = perfection.”

Christina D.

“I cannot recommend Natalina enough! I’d been on a weigh loss journey for over 2 years, dropping 30 pounds in the process, but I struggled when I tried to return to a “maintenance” type diet. Being predominantly plant-based, I was building my meals around carbs rather than protein, which wasn’t supporting my desire to build more muscle and increase my exercise regimen. Natalina respected my choice to be plant-based, when other nutritionists hadn’t, and helped show me how to meal plan and fuel my body with delicious, balanced, whole, nutritious foods. Her positive approach touches every aspect of your life, including sufficient sleep, stress management, physical activity, mindfulness, building better habits, and more. She’s really the all-around deal — and I wouldn’t be where I am without her support and guidance. Thank you, Natalina!”

Lisa C.

“My fitness journey began 5 years ago. It was an up and down battle. However, all that changed when I met Coach Natalina. Coach Natalina taught me how to sustain a healthy way of eating by changing my mindset and looking at this as a lifestyle change, not a temporary one. I no longer focus on the number on the scale! This helps me stay focused on my eating habits and takes the anxiety away. People often ask me what my goal weight is, and I can honestly say, “I don’t have one”! Coach Natalina also showed me that you don’t have to give up flavor to eat healthy. The foods I eat are good and flavorful! I look forward to cooking and eating them. My family benefits from this as well. My body and mind feel good! I use many of Coach Natalina’s tips and advise on how to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Coach Natalina also suggested I add weight training to my weekly exercise program. Since doing that, I have seen my body change and my strength increase. Working with Coach Natalina was truly life changing for me! Best part, I made a lifelong friend! I cannot thank her enough!!!”

Julia I.

“Coach Natalina was a crucial part of my transformation! She was patient while I was stubbornly holding on to old habits. She provided me with customized a meal plan and helped me strategically program my macros to get me the best results! I am grateful for the knowledge and wisdom Natalina provided me. This is just the start!”





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