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Meet Coach Natalina

I owe my passion for nutrition to my Italian grandparents who saw food not only as nourishment, but as the center of life itself.”


Holistic Nutritionist
Nutrition Coach

Many of my childhood experiences revolved around food.

Days off from school were spent helping Nonna make pasta, shucking beans on the front steps or putting dried herbs into carefully labelled glass jars. Our vegetable garden – which practically took up the entire backyard – was a source of pride and joy, and my introduction to healthy living – although I may not have realized it at the time.

Nutrition coaching is my second career, actually. After completing a Bachelor of Commerce degree at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, I joined the family business and managed production at our upholstery plant for over twenty years. While it may seem like a far cry from my current career, at the factory is where I learned how to combine teamwork and resources to get things done – as needed. In a way, my career in production, led me to helping others produce change in their lives.

So, how did an Italian Canadian with a business degree end up as a nutrition coach in Austin, Texas?

It came about after a sequence of events that started with the birth of my precious daughter.

Becoming a parent shifted my perspective on life – and on the limitedness of time. It also left me 20lbs heavier and ready to make some changes. I hired a personal trainer who eventually became my mentor – and the catalyst to my new life. He challenged me to follow my passion for nutrition and directed me to the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Once I started connecting the dots between lifestyle choices and quality of life, I realized that the seeds of change were fully planted! When my husband accepted a position with a company in Texas, I quit the family business and set about creating my new life. I became obsessed with feeling great and wanted to help others feel great too!  I turned to nutrition coaching and found John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition.  As a certified Level Two PN coach, I help others make better choices related to nutrition which is, after all, the center of life itself.

It turns out, food is indeed the center of life.

Live your healthiest life!






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